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Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment for Business Continuity Planning

Date : 24 & 25 June 2020 Time : 9:00am to 17:00pm Location : Kuala Lumpur 


Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment are applied to the process within the scope of the Business Continuity Planning which are used in the organization. Business Impact Analysis (BIA) assesses the impacts of risk of disruption in an organization activities, and help in determining continuity and recovery priorities, objectives and targets of an organization shall take to minimize disruption. Risk assessment provides a systematic framework and process for maximizing areas where outcomes can be controlled, while minimizing the impact when the outcome cannot be predicted. Both processes are fundamental practices that, when undertaken correctly, can effectively establish the framework for resilience and continuity arrangements in an organization after a disruption. The process can provide other benefits by informing management to consider succession planning, supply chain strategies and avoid single points of failure. Learning Outcomes This course is designed to establish a practical understanding of the elements of  Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment. It will enable participants to review business impact analysis and various risks within their organization, and make decisions that lead to improved organizational resilience and preparation of business continuity plans.


Lecture with visual aids, practical individual and group workshops and discussion.

Who will benefit

Management staff involve in reviewing and making decision on their organizational risks and business impacts

Course Content

Busines Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment in Business Continuity Business Impact Analysis (BIA) The session aims to provide participants with the knowledge about Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Understanding  BIA
  • Making decision on BIA
  • Consulting, Reporting and communication
Risk Assessment (RA)
  • Understanding  RA
  • Making decision on business risks
  • Strategy to implement risk treatment plans
  • Consulting, Reporting and  Communication
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