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Oral English Business Communication – Online Lessons


Speak English Professionally. 

The course is designed in three (3) levels, namely level 1,2,3.
Participants will be assessed on their English competency on signing of the course and will be placed at the right level.
At the end of this course, participants would 

  • be aware of the essential elements and style of oral communication in commerce and business;
  • be able to communicate competently in English in professional business purposes;
  • be able to use the language and style appropriate to the task with the help of a dictionary or thesaurus whenever necessary;
  • be aware of and would be able to employ effective strategies in business communication;
  • be able to identify and avoid common language errors and mistakes in business communication.

Basic English proficiency is a prerequisite for admission to this course.
This is not an English Language course, although common grammar problems will be highlighted.
This course uses competence-based experiential training methodologies including:

  • Pre and Post Tests
  • Online lessons with accompanying handouts;
  • Case studies, exercises

Course Duration
An interactive online lessons of 20 hours workshop is designed for each level.
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